Don't Panic Over a Busted Freezer or Heat Pump

Contact Kool It Refrigeration anytime for emergency repairs

You can't predict when your walk-in cooler will break down. And you have no say over when your heat pump will give out on you. That's why you can count on Kool It Refrigeration any time, night or day, for emergency repair work. We're available to make repairs 24/7, though our repair fees are higher after hours.

When you need us to get to you as quickly as possible, call 207-724-8023.

Discover the benefits of immediate repairs

If you need emergency repair services, don't hesitate to contact Kool It Refrigeration. Sometimes repairs just can't wait because:

  • A busted cooler or freezer could mean the loss of expensive perishables, if you don't get the repairs you need right away.
  • Things can get dangerously cold in the winter, making a working heater more of a necessity than a luxury.
  • A broken refrigerator or HVAC unit might interfere with your business operation.

Don't wait around to get the repair services you need. Reach out to Kool It Refrigeration without delay.

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